Childhood stops for seriously ill children.

Please Support our Emergency Appeal Today.

Hospitals treat the illness. Barretstown treats the child.

     Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all of our spring and summer camps have had to be postponed. Now thousands of families are waiting for our life changing help. We urgently need your support to Press Play on their childhood and bring them to camp as soon as possible.

So many of our planned fundraising activities have been cancelled, we now face a huge shortfall in our income of over €1 million! There are a staggering 8,308 children and family members who we were due to serve this year who are now on waiting lists. To make these extra camps happen and bring these children and families to Barretstown, we need to make up for the shortfall and have the funds in place by July 25th. And, to make that possible, we urgently need your help. If you can, please make a donation today and help us to Press Play on childhood.

Your donation will Press Play on childhood

Please, for the thousands of children that need Barretstown.
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