Childhood stops for seriously ill children.

Childhood stops for seriously ill children.

At Barretstown we Press Play on childhood.

Hospitals treat the illness. Barretstown treats the child.

Families always talk of how a diagnosis of serious illness means that normal family life stops, everything becomes about the sick child and the fight to save their life. Barretstown helps children and their families deal with the emotional and physiological scars often left after months and years of treatment. Hospitals treat the illness but Barretstown treats the child.

With the funds we currently have, we are reaching as many children as we can. However, there are thousands of seriously ill children that we cannot yet reach. Barretstown needs to run more camps and programmes for seriously ill children. It needs to be able to serve children who are in hospital and too sick to leave. You can make this happen. You can help to take their childhood off pause.

Your donation will Press Play on childhood

Please, for the thousands of children that we just can’t reach.
Press Play

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The Press Play campaign is a 5 year campaign to raise an additional €5 million so that by 2024 every child with a serious illness who could benefit from one of Barretstown’s therapeutic programmes will have the opportunity to do so.

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